San Francisco barista might be the world's best latte artist

Melannie Aquino is drastically changing the latte art game.

The San Francisco-based barista has spent four years perfecting the art of intricate latte designs, featuring everything from animals to cartoon characters to food.

According to Aquino’s recent blog post for Bored Panda, her couture latte art requires the right balance of ingredients and tools, and she only spends three to five minutes on each piece.

Aquino, who manages a coffee bar in Downtown San Francisco, plans to keep her artistry latte-focused.

“I don’t really have aspirations in pursuing art outside the realm of latte art,” Aquino told Mashable via email. “I dabble in painting, sketching and whittling on my off time, but I do that more for relaxing.”

She’s not keeping her work confined to her customers and Instagram followers – she has a coffee table book in the works.

“The book I am working on will showcase my favorite drawings and show everyone the entire process of creating a drink,” Aquino said. 

It’s been a long process, that she has not shied away from in the slightest.

“I’ve been spending the last year documenting every step, from working on sketches to experimenting with different techniques,” Aquino said. “I’m very excited to share my craft especially since it’s something you don’t encounter everyday.”

And if you’re wondering if the artist does latte art for to-go orders, brace yourself for the heartbreaking answer.

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